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OLOID - Agitate - Circulate - Aerate

A brief summary of the Oloid technology and its applications.

Interview with Mr. Natterer (german)

Lebenshilfe e.V. Witten

OLOID Shark Aquarium Wilhelmshaven

Potsdam Pond restoration with OLOID

OLOID in the Reef aquarium Animal Park Dählhölzli Bern

OLOID 400 water purification plant, oxygenation and circulation with energy efficiency

Underwater footage of an OLOID 400 A in the Kynast pond (Berlin)

The OLOID in use against water lenses.

OLOIDS used in the fire water and de-icing pool at Jersey Airport.

The OLOID 600 I for demonstration.

The new improved drive of the OLOID Type 600 in the first test run.

Floating Wet lands with OLOID. The agitation stirrs up red bacteria which visualise the current of the OLOID.

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