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The pictured solar Oloid is of type 200 and since summer 2015 in Berlin successfully in the field on the premises of alfred rexroth GmbH in a small test pond. Throughout the summer, despite fluctuating sunlight and the northern location (52.5 ° north latitude), a term of 10 to 12 hours in a south-easterly alignment could be guaranteed per day.

The solar OLOID distinguishes mainly by its independent power supply. This solar OLOID can be operated in remote ponds without power supply. The solar OLOID is energy efficient, especially with regard to fossil fuels, and less expensive, because expensive connections don't need not be provided.

The system is built to last, the backup batteries are lithium-based with a long service life. The controls are simple and robust in the field of PV systems.


Our Oloid Type 200 B with solar panels.

And our technical development of the OLOID Type 400 B solar.

Solar Bild 400Technisch Solar 400


All technical data are summarized in our factsheet:

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