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Only the following examples should be mentioned for the numerous application possibilities for the treatment of industrial waste water: Tank Wash, treatment fatty waste water the meat processing industry, the treatment of waste water and wine homogenization of iron sludge in drinking water treatment.
Also conceivable, however, all tasks of stirring and mixing.
Limiting factors are e.g. Nature (physical and chemical properties) of the liquid medium as for high solids contents, temperature, corrosiveness, solvent content.

The possibility of using should be well tested because the OLOID technique is not suitable for all liquid media and also for all pool shapes. Limiting factors are e.g. Nature (physical and chemical properties) of the liquid medium as solids content, viscosity, temperature, corrosiveness, solvent content, among others

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Industrie 1

An Oloid type 400 in the shark tank of the aquarium Wilhelmshaven.

Industrie 2

Two Oloid type 600 for homogenisation of iron sludge in Hamburg.

Industrie 3

An Oloid type 400 for the treatment of biodegradable de-icers at Gatwick Airport.


Movement of cooling lubricant OLOID Type 200

Surface water OLOID type 400

Slaughterhouse waste water OLOID Type 400

Liquid manure treatment OLOID Type 400

Carried out by our partner Agrofutura in Hungary:

Tank application OLOID Type 400

Drinking Water Production OLOID Type 600

Aquarium OLOID Type 600, Type 400 and Type 200