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September 2018 - OLOID Typ 600 – special customer solutions

We would like to draw your attention to a new installation of the OLOID Type 600.
In September 2017, an OLOID Type 600 I was installed in a special customer solution.

The requirements / challenges:
- Fixed wall guide for maintenance without draining the basin
- Fixed installation for good flow through the basin
- strongly fluctuating water level (0 to 2 m)
- Extended drive shaft with cardan and protective shaft to protect motor from flooding

For more details please have a look at our new page on customer solutions or in the fact sheet of Hamburg Wasser.
Kardan small

July 2018 - Simulation

We performed the first CFD simulations with
the OLOID Type 400 in a 2m3 tank to better
understand and visualize the flow, velocities
and homogenisation properties.

Simulation 1 - Flow velocities in tank
Simulation 2 - Homogenisation
Simulation 1 Geschwindigkeit Velocity

June 2018

We are:
Most Innovative
Waste Water Service Provider
- Central Europe

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April 2018

From Oloid to OLOID

There is often a lot of mathematics and physics
behind technology. So also with the OLOID.
We have put together a geometric-physical excursion
of the Oloid to illustrate the background and to better
understand the OLOID-technology.

From Oloid to OLOID.

 OLOID Mathe Physik Small

March 2018 - 2

The OLOID water strider

New design and proven technology

Inspired by the water strider, the OLOID Type 200
is now available in a new, smart design.

You will find the details in the product overview
for the OLOID Type 200 and the new flyer (in German)


March 2018

We are now also represented on Facebook.

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January 2018

We wish all a good start in 2018!

We start with new flyer:

Optimisation of Pond treatment plants

Optimisation for carp ponds

TKA Flyer EN Karpfen Flyer EN

December 2017

We are in the TOP 10 of the GreenTec Awards 2018 in the category Water & Wastewater. Vote for us until January 8, 2018, and help us win!     |     #voteforgreen


September 2017

In September we are participants & exhibitors
at the
Off-Grid Experts Workshop 2017 of Phaesun.

Together with Phaesun, we have revised our Solar-OLOID
Type 400 so that it can now be adapted even more flexibly
to the respective application.

The details of the Solar-OLOID Type 400 can be found
in the new factsheet

June 2017

An OLOID application with cardan shaft in a closed tank for complete homogenization.

Energy-efficient, gentle mixing of a surfactant (viscosity 100 mPa*s at 20°C) in a rectangular storage tank.
The related factsheet can be downloaded: here.
And a video about the homogenization of media can be found here.

March 2017

The new OLOID Type 600 is here.

All information on our site about the OLOID 600.
As well as a reference to our new Youtube channel on which they can also see a video of the new OLOID Type 600.

September 2016

Since the beginning of September an OLOID type 400 B (solar) in Lüneburg has been used to reduce odors.
Here is an article of the press.